Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: When Ranbir Kapoor almost got eaten by a shark

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actor Ranbir Kapoor is not much of an adventurer – Ayan Mukerji spilled the beans about the Kapoor kid recently. In fact, Ranbir is the kind of guy who wants to avoid jumping from heights and showing off his heroic skills on celluloid as much as possible. So when Ayan Mukerji pushed the Barfi! dude to indulge in some daring escapades during the shoot of Yeh Jawaani… RK got supremely irritated. We hear that there was a scene in which poor Ranbir had to plunge into the middle of the ocean without safety jackets and to his horror, flail in the water all by himself with not a single person in sight.

“In the south of France, we were literally in the middle of the ocean and we had to do a shot in which Ranbir jumps into the water after which the boat goes far away. We had no safety guards, no safety jackets; we basically left him for a five whole minutes. He could have been eaten by a shark and we would have not known that. So that’s the maximum we pushed him for the film. He was very annoyed with us that day,” said Ayan in an amused tone.