‘You can’t stop anyone from doing item songs’ says Sohai Ali Abro

Pakistani young actress Sohai Ali Abro recently stated that if people did not like item songs, they were free not to watch them. She further said that no one could stop others from doing the songs.

In response to a question about Hamza Ali Abbasi’s objections to item songs, Sohai said that he was a modest person hence he would never stop someone else from doing any sort of work.

She further stated that if she did not like any performance or work in particular, she would opt not to watch it or replicate it altogether. However I would not stop any person from doing it, she said.

Sohai explained that the reason Pakistanis disliked item songs so much was due to the fact that the film industry was in a growing stage, where people dislike any small stuff. An industry attains the topmost level due to a combination of good as well as bad work.

Sohai has recently performed in a number of item songs and her dancing skills have been appreciated by critics and many fans.

On the other hand actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has been quite vocal against item songs and even chose not to promote his recently released movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. He has time and again called for censorship, as far as item songs are concerned and has stated that they are not part of Pakistani culture neither do you need to sell a movie with an item song.

The actress has stated her opinions very clearly for all who are against item numbers in Pakistani movies.

Let us know if you support Sohai’s stance on item songs?