Our obsession with Momina Mustehsan still refuses to die down. The moment we heard ‘Afreen Afreen’ in her beautiful voice, the nation went gaga over her. Yes, Pakistan is desperate to know what the singer has been up to, and more than that, her fans are waiting eagerly for her to release a single.

Momina has two brothers and surprisingly both her brothers love to sing as well. It seems that mesmerizing vocals and love for music runs in their family.

Momina recently uploaded a video of her singing with her elder brother Hashim. Momina Mustehsan is singing along with him, and the first thing we notice in the video is how adorable she looks in the pajama’s she’s sporting.

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Known for being down-to-earth, Momina showed her true side in the video where she is seen wearing glasses, and has no makeup on. And to be honest, she looks perfect and we are sure her fans fell in love with her a little bit more.

The adorable video features her brother Hashim playing the guitar while singing the song ‘Say something’, by A Great Big World and Momina sings along. Seriously, the song gave us goosebumps!

Listen to their beautiful cover and tell us what you think: