Zarine Khan Blames Katrina Kaif for Her Failed Career!

Anyone here remembers Zarine Khan? Yes, the Katrina Kaif lookalike, chubby girl who debuted opposite Salman Khan in the film, Veer? Yes, we are talking about her. So, what happened is at an interview recently, Ms Khan blamed Ms Kaif to be the reason for a failed Bollywood career. Really? But, why?

The B-town actress, who recently gave an interview with a leading daily said, “Even before my film was released, people started saying that the Veer heroine looks like so and so. And, the audience is such that they live with what they are fed. People didn’t even give me a chance. I guess the whole comparison with Katrina Kaif affected my career. Katrina is a beautiful person and probably, if I weren’t in the same field as her, I’d be flattered by all the comparisons. I was a newcomer and even before the film actually released, people started criticising me for my weight and acting skills! But they didn’t realise I was asked to put on weight for the film.”

Zarine has had a series of flops since her entry in Bollywood. When she debuted with Veer, she was highly criticised for her weight and the movie sank without a trace. Salman tried to revive her career and offered her an item number, Character Dheela Hai in the film Ready. But that too didn’t make a mark. Even her next film Housefull 2 failed! Since then the actress has been out of work and is now blaming her lookalike Katrina Kaif.

Do you think Katrina Kaif is to be blamed or is it Zarine’s way to get some attention? Leave your comments and let us know.

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