Zinda Bhaag – Marvelous Song ‘Pata Yaar Da’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

There is no doubt that cinema is the most distinguished art form of our times. There are also no two opinions about the fact that cinema not only triggers a visually impactful thought process in our minds, it also has the power to shape our opinions and the issues that need to be highlighted.

Zinda Bhaag reflects the aspirations of Independent filmmakers from Pakistan, of how they would like to shape the cinematic experiences of not only Pakistani audiences, but also for the international audiences who are curious about Pakistan. There are films that are made for international audiences or perhaps festivals, and then there is Zinda Bhaag that actually encompasses a spectrum of issues that are not just local, but also have broader impact.

Zinda Bhaag is story of three friends who live in what is popularly known as androon Lahore (old city). If you have ever been to Lahore or actually grew up there, you would not be able to escape the nostalgia that engulfs you as the film starts rolling. Zinda Bhaag shows how these young men are trying to escape the reality of their everyday lives. They are desperate to get on to the fast track to success. Khaldi, Taambi and Chitta, all in their early twenties, believe that the only way out … is to the West.

There was a unanimous consensus from the audience that these young actors performed their roles with such finesse that it didn’t seem like their first ever screen performance.

Here is the Video of marvelous song ‘Pata Yaar Da’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Zinda Bhaag :

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